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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  April 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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you. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. crews are still working to fix an overnight power outage in san francisco. coming up we'll have an update from pg&e. and bracing for the worst. why officers in one east bay communities hear violence can escalate this weekend. it's april fools day but this is no joke. why people in the bay area will pay more from almost everything. the morning news continues. well good morning, to you welcome to friday, it's april
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the 1st. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. let's get am quick check at your weather and traffic. >> thank you. on this friday morning we have very mild conditions. especially closer to the coast and san francisco and oakland both checking in with 60-degree current temperatures. much cooler as you get out toward inland areas with upper 40s and low 50s. we will have still a warm day. not as hot as probably yesterday. i mean it was just unbelievable but still upper 70s to low 80s. cooler by the coast as the sea breeze gets closer. here is sal. right now traffic is moving well on the richmond san rafael bridge. if you are leaving marin it should be a nice drive. also this morning we are looking at the san mateo bridge. those drivers are having a pleasant drive over to the peninsula. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. >> thanks a lot. hundreds of people are waking up with no alarm clocks, no coffee makers, no tv sets in san francisco because the power
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went out. it's happening near hayes and gough. ktvu allie rasmus is live now with what pg&e is saying about the cause of the outage. >> reporter: we do have updated information from pg&e. they tell us this intersection where we are right now hayes and gough is where the power outage originated. at one point 6600 customers without power now pg&e says they have that number down to 400 customers. pg&e crews are still out here working on the problem. a half hour ago they were on this side of the street where they moved across the street and now they have moved back. a short time ago we saw and heard them lift up this man cover. pg&e says that this power outage may have happened because of an under ground equipment failure. although they don't know exactly what triggered that equipment failure. in the meantime the traffic lights at this intersection are still out. we have seen a lot of cars treating this as a four-way
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intersection. at some sections of the haze valley neighborhood the only light you can see out in the street are from some of the flairs that were placed on the ground. this outage is effecting the haze valley and western editions neighborhood. yesterday it was impacting laurel heights and hate ash bury. 6600 customers were without power. now it's down to 430. they don't know when power for the remaining 430 customers will be restored. they said it likely won't happen earlier than 8:00 this morning. live in san francisco allie rasmus. time is now 6:03. several cars are damaged in oakland this morning after a suspected dui driver rammed them overnight. it's all happened on foothill boulevard just after 9:00 p.m.. look at this damage. this is what was left behind. we are told the driver and two other people were take ton the
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hospital -- were taken to the hospital. the car that suspect was in was stolen. in san francisco you car owners are being warned keep your eyes open. car burglaries are on the rise. 905 cars have been stolen in san francisco already this year. that is 10% more than this time last year. also car burglaries are up 22% with more than 2500 break ins reported. the search continues this morning for a truck driver that hit phone lines on highway 1 and caused -- on highway 101 and caused a huge traffic jam. we showed you the problem yesterday at 5:00. it happened near the broadway accident on millbrae. officers had to shut the lanes down in both directions while they cleared that scene. >> we don't know what the reason is he hit the lines. we could have avoided a lot of the backup if motorists would
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have taken alternate routes. >> the highway patrol says it's possible the truck driver might not have realized he hit the lines. here's the license plate number. 4r23454 that truck may say e & m or something similar on the side. this morning oakland police are searching for clues after a man getting ready to move out of his home turned up dead. officers said they were called to a home on lion avenue after someone discovered the man inside was dead. there is no word on any suspects or a possible motive. richmond police on high alert. they are worried this weekend could be a violent one. they are bracing for retaliation attacks after a week of suspected gang related shootings. two men were shot and killed in two separate shootings tuesday
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and wednesday night. they were probably provoked by last weeks killing by a richmond gang member. this morning a former school worker is in jail facing does of charges of lewd behavior. he's accused of trying to seduce a ten-year-old girl. sheriffs deputies arrested him on wednesday night after they got calls from the girl's worried parents. an antioch teacher is awaiting extradition from san diego this morning. 63-year-old charles redmond is accused of inappropriately touching a little boy. after they started their investigation last week redmond skipped town and headed to mexico. he crossed back over the border on monday and was arrested. an apartment complex manager will make safety changes after a little boy
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wandered from his home. the little boy crossed six lanes of traffic and ended up in a walmart parking lot. the little boy made it to the parking lot because he was able to open the front door which has a low door handle made for people in wheelchairs. it's a little more expensive to shop in six bay area cities. new sales tax rates just went into effect this morning. tara moriarty is live in concord with more on the new increases. >> reporter: it's not a huge increase, but only half a penny on every dollar that you spend. the pennys can add up. there you go right there. and people we have been talking to this morning say they have been feeling the pinch ever since the recession hit. a car dealership is one place you will notice the sales tax hike the most. there the tax could run into the thousands. we met one woman that went out
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to buy a car because she wanted to get her purchase in before the dead line. she saved $25. customers may be shock when they take a look at their receipt. >> it's getting more and more. i think it's outrageous. i don't think they should just keep raising the taxes and keep raising them. it makes it harder for people that want to go out and buy new stuff. >> okay so here's a list of the city where is the sales tax hike goes into effect today. santa rosa jumped a quarter%. novato .25. back here in concord it's back up to 9.75. we will tell you how some people say they will try to avoid the sales tax hike all together. time now is 6:08 let's head out to sal. >> right now traffic is moving
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along pretty well at the bay area. it is light so far coming into the city. no major problems on the way in. it's a nice looking drive on northbound 101 in san francisco. 880 north and southbound that traffic moves well. tonight is the a's home opener. you should see people arriving at the coliseum sometime. westbound 580 livermore airport that crash is still there. three cars and traffic is really quickly backing up toward the altamont pass. give yourself plenty of time if you come in. the traffic has been good but after this crash not so much. let's go to steve. happy friday everybody. let's get you pointed in the right direction. we can take the warm temperatures and carry them into the weekend? no, we can't. today is a transition day. we are about 15-20-degrees above average for this time of year. today is the transition day. fair skies by that i mean there
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will be higher clouds. we still have mild to warm conditions but slightly cooler by the coast. cooler and breezy on the weekend especially on saturday. it will usher in a cooler air mass. next week looking interest. warm early but then cooler, breezy and maybe even much colder by the end of next week. there is still a week to go before we have to tackle that. there are signs showing we may get rain back in here by the end of next week. today we are waiting for the high clouds. still it's an upper 40s now. livermore and fairfield 48. yet oakland is in the 60s. had a nice tweet from brian. he's in san francisco and said i can get used to this. yeah but it will not last. we are starting off at 62 in san francisco with low to mid 50s north bay. a little cooler as you go inland especially as you saw toward fairfield and livermore. upper 40s and 62 to san francisco. that is a big difference there.
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we end up with temperatures above average again. 60s by the coast but a lot of upper 70s by the bay. it's a tricky call for san francisco. the second that sea breeze kicks in the temperature plongs. we will go 78 today. 83 fairfield. napa 81. not the 87 you had yesterday. again if the sea breeze doesn't kick in, we will be a few degrees warmer than this. than tomorrow we drop temperatures 10-15 degrees. all right our time is 6:11. it could be the end of the month before the residents of capitola are effected by the two days of flooding there. find out if they will get help at all. a lot of rain last week combined with a failed drainage pipe lead to all the flooding in the santa cruz county. the city is applied for a state disaster aid but that would only cover 75% of the repair costs and federal help is not guaranteed yet. their damage is estimated to be
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about $10 million. capitola did ban to install smart meters this year but that did not stop after the flooding. it's standard procedure to replace broken or worn out meterings with the smart meters. they installed 17-meter. capitola has not said yet if it will ask pg&e to remove the smart meters. time now 6:11. numbers just came in from the government. what the government said this morning about new jobs and what the experts are saying this could mean for the economy. students at one university get to vote on bottled water. why some say it's time for a ban.
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we are taking a closer look at this mornings good news on jobs. the unemployment rate is down. ktvu alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with details on who is hiring. allison. >> reporter: claudine, it is another sign the economic recovery is continuing. unemployment is at a two-year low. the unemployment rate dropped this morning to 8.8% up from 8.9% the month before. and the labor department says the economy added 216,000 jobs. now all of the jobs were in the private sector especially in business services, health care,
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the leisure and hospitality industries. on capitol hill democrats say the republican focus on big budget cuts is not helping. >> the republican follies go on, the republicans have done nothing in 13 weeks in charge of the house to help americans get jobs. nothing to open markets for businesses to expand. nothing to open up markets overseas for american workers and businesses to compete more fairly. >> reporter: but republicans counter that excessive government spending has created economic uncertainty and that has hurt job creation. president obama is expected to weigh in when he tours a ups facility in maryland later this morning. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns. time now 6:16. is your sushi safe? there are concerns about possible radiation in japan. and some importers are
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canceling orders. many sushi chefs are buying sushi from local importser -- importers. time now 6:16. southern california border patrol officer is accused of sexually assaulting two women. that officer was arrested after dna linked him to one in garden grove and long beach. that officer has been placed on administrative leave. a florida air show will reopen today after 40 planes were flipped over by high winds. the winds also damaged several buildings, and tents and knocked down power lines. seven people were take ton the hospital treating minor injuries. despite all of this damage, air show officials say they will be ready for today's show including an appearance by the
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navy's blue angels. the richard nixon -- has opened a new water gate exhibit. it gives history buffs an in- depth look at the scandal and the cover up that lead to president nixon's resignation in 1984. they had their first visitors yesterday. two decades after the presidential library first opened to the public. the teen that created a note to god app for the iphone is out of the hospital waking up from his coma. he had been in a coma for eight days after being hit by a hit and run driver earlier this month. during his coma wright's family asked members of the public to down load the note to god app. thousands did so. next week uc berkeley students will vote on banning the sale of bottled water on the campus. student supporters say it's an
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easy way to cut back on waste. critics of the plan say bottled water sales raise money for the school including student government programs. this vote by the way is only advisory. school officials do not have to take action. time now 6:18. and the roads have been good this morning. a couple of problems but sal is watching all of it. >> hello claudine and dave. we did have accidents but the injuries are to the traffic. westbound 580 traffic is backed up well because of that accident near the airport. three cars or two cars and a van if you want to get technical. traffic is slow. when you get to the may bridge toll plaza it's light coming up to the pay gate. hopefully it will stay that way on this friday the day after thursday and the day before saturday. northbound 101 approaching the
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80 split. that traffic is moving along very nicely. now at 6:19 let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. happy friday. very mild conditions for some. cool for others. i mean it's in the 60s for oakland and san francisco right now. yet fairfield and livermore upper 40s if you commute in from one of those spots. a little south, southeast wind at sfo. we are waiting for that sea breeze to kick in. still northeast at fairfield so it's a little fight between a slight offshore component. i think in the next few hours maybe around early afternoon the sea breeze will kick in. not before we have a lot of 70s and 80s. if you thought yesterday was warm it was. napa was 87 degrees. santa rosa86. 62 san francisco. santa rosa 52.
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that system along with the increasing clouds. it will not do much cloud wise but it will give us partly cloudy skies. it will bring in a cooler air mass. fair and warm today. higher clouds on the increase. cooler by the coast as the wind turns more southerly than westerly. 60s to 80s. this will be a summertime pattern here. it's still above average on the temps for one more day. then we cool it down a good 10- 15 degrees. it will be breezy. monday looks warmer along with tuesday. there could be a big drop in your temps and rain by next week. 6:21. google has frequently gone to the european commission to file antitrust complaints. this latest round is a complete role reversal. google is abusing its dominance in an online search. an investigation was launched a few months ago. time warner is dropping
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about a dozen cable channels from its ipad app after three big programmers complain the company doesn't have the right to distribute the material. fox cable network says they should be paid more to have the shows distributed on anything other than cable tv. for now they almost drop several channels including animal planet, nickelodeon, mtv, and block entertainment television. we will tell you how six- year-old girl helped police catch a burglary suspect. good morning, highway 4 westbound looks pretty good here. we have slow traffic coming up on the antioch area. we'll tell you more about the morning commute on a friday straight ahead.
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good morning, traffic is moving along pretty well on 80 westbound as you head out to the mccarthur maze. no major problem at the bay bridge toll plaza. san rafael police say a 6- year-old girls honesty hope they nab a burglary suspect. officers were interviewing a suspect. she was babysitting two children at the time.
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the woman denied enterings home that had been burglarized but the six-year-old said the woman climbed into the homes front window. the woman was arrested on suspicion of burglary and possession of a small amount of methamphetamine. prostitution has steadily increased. the people who live in the san antonio neighborhood right near international boulevard and 17th avenue say prostitution has gotten worse in the last five years. they are saying some of the prostitutes are as young as 12 years old. somes of the neighbors say pimps have threaten them with violence if they get involved. oakland police say officers have a daily presence in this neighborhood and they have made more than 90 arrests in the last month. >> the patrol officers are walking out here on a daily basis. the problem solving officers are walking out here on a daily basis. i was walking out here yesterday. we are not going away but we
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need your help. >> community leaders say they want the city to help provide help for at risk youths. they want to shut down motels such as the national lodge. the family that runs that motel says they are being fairy untargetted. the san jose sharks are back in the playoffs. patrick marleau scored two goals and niemi made 17 saves. single game playoff tickets go on sale monday at 10:00 a.m.. traffic tieup in san francisco. the problem caused early this morning after a garbage truck caught fire. i'm tara moriarty live in concord. depending on where you live you might have to start paying this. we'll explain coming up. also the weather problem that set off a stormy debate at one bay area mobile home park.
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t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. welcome back. you're looking a the the new york stock exchange and they are about to ring the opening bell. see that lady right in the middle of your screen? she is clapping her hands. that is single tony braxton. it's world autism day. they are representing autism speaks. she has a son that is diagnosissed autistic. the man in the dunk there is dunkin needhour. a bunch of wonderful people. world autism day and also in san francisco the city hall tonight will be it will blue. the color of autism research. i have my button here. it's a busy day in business. >> it is a busy day. the numbers are good thanks to a good job report. we will continue to see follows
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the numbers. >> we will smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here friday, april 1st i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the day off. let's check in with sal. something is going on in san francisco. what is happening? >> the power outage in san francisco that had 6700 people out of power. now we are here at the corner of haze and gough and you can see the crews here are putting the final touches on it. they are still doing some last minute work but most of the customers are back on power. the only problem is that now the power comes on a lot of the alarms will be going off. sometimes what happens when they go off, they call the fire department and then you'll have a little adjustment period where everyone realizes the power is back on. the street lights are working. looks like the businesses now have power. this is at the corner of haze and gough. you can see traffic is moving well. we'll update you if anyone is
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still out of power. i think at this point it's very few customers come mared to the -- compared to the 6700 without power. let's go back to the desk. topping our news. you may have to get ready to dig a little deeper in that wallet. things are getting a little more expensive. ktvu tara moriarty is live in concord telling us just how much more expensive it's going to be. >> reporter: good morning. it's less than a penny on every dollar that you spend. we are talking about the sales tax hike. while that may not seem like a lot, it can add up for big purchases. folks that live until six bay area cities will start feeling the pinch this morning. especially at places like car dealerships and electronic stores. some customers we spoke to bought their big ticket items yesterday before the increase
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kicked in. others have a different plan. >> i live in union city. i was going to save i probably would drive there. >> thank you so much. i'm so happy. >> reporter: now here is a list of the cities where the sales tax hike goes into effect today. santa rosa jumped a quarter percent. nevada .5. union city climbed past 10%. back here in concord it's up to 9.75. and just so you know it doesn't matter which city you buy your car in it's where you live and register your car that matters when it comes to sales tax. we are live in concord i'm tara moriarty. time now 6:33. a san francisco man recovering now after firefighters rescued him from a burning house. we first showed you this fire live on the 10:00 news. it started just before 10:15 last night. firefighters say neighbors saw the flames. they called 911. firefighters say only one man
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lived in the house and was asleep when the fire started. he was rescued by firefighters. they rushed into the hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation. >> we are fortunate it didn't happen later at night when everyone was asleep. the fire gets bigger really fast. he was very fortunate. it took firefighters less than 30 minutes to get it all under control. investigators say it began in the kitchen. southbound highway 101 is open right now after a garbage truck fire closed it for awhile. the fire started just after 2:00 a.m. near the caesar chavez exit. san francisco firefighters got it under control. it took them two hours. that truck was taken off the freeway just an hour ago. san francisco's police chief is firing back at the city's public defender about continuing allegations of police misconduct. these allegations have been going on rampant across the city. bring it to our attention and
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we will deal with it. you can't continue to scream that the sky is falling when it's not. >> he angerly rejected the public defenders channels that the video tape of a richmond district drug bust that officers had lied about their search. this is unlike the video scandals. most of those involving drug. the brother-in-law of accused killer yusuf bey iv will go before a judge today. he refused to testify in the chauncey bailey murder trial. he told investigators he was the confidential source for the slain journalist report about financial mismanagement of your black muslim bakery. bailey's research was the motive for his killing. testimony resumes monday. testimony in the barry
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bonds' perjury trial resumes on monday. the prosecutions final witness is expected to wrap up his testimony. dr. don catlin is considered one of the nation's top experts on steroids. he's considered a critical witness in the government's case against baseball's all- time home run champion. >> with dr. catlin, the government is trying to finish off their chain of custody evidence to link mr. bonds with the major league baseball test. showing a positive for the clear thg. >> in court yesterday prosecutors scored one defeat and one victory. bonds' personal trainer saw the doctor inject bonds' steroids. our time now is 6:36. can you help the folks on highway 24 and all over the bay area? >> that is right.
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westbound 24 traffic looks good. i can help you out with good traffic. as you drive up to the tunnel there is no major problems there. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza it has been nice. i think it will put a smile on your face to realize the morning commute may be lightering into san francisco. there is a little bit of slowing on 92 year 880 but that traffic is going to ease up once you get on the bridge. 6:37 let's go to steve. happy friday everybody. temperatures yesterday sored to record levels. we will still have 80s today but we will bring temperatures down three to five degrees. maybe a little more by the coast. we start off mostly clear. higher clouds taking aim at the north bay. it's the leading edge of what will be an increase in the higher clouds. today though fair skies. by that i mean mostly sunny and turning partly cloudy. mild to warm. in fact some locations are already in the 60s close to the
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coast. upper 40s inland. we have a big spread in the current temperatures. sunday looks a little better but it will be in the 60s or very low 70s. warming up next week. big changes. cold or colder starts to come in middle and end of next week. we'll see how that develops. it will not be as warm next week. higher clouds coming in from the southwest will be pushed in. some of the records yesterday san francisco tied 82 but napa 87 was a record. oakland 83. mountain vue 83. they were all records for the day. there were a bunch. about nine total. seven set and two tyes. southern california was hot. it was 90s down in l.a.. so it was warm everywhere. even out to sacramento.
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and rightfully so. look at the temperatures 48 fairfield. 48 livermore. 62 san francisco. low 50s north bay and mid 50s. you can see the ridge is moving. that is the bend in the clouds. this system is a rope that will fall apart. and eventually saturday once it gets here we will start to see more of a westerly wind. that will bring temperatures down 10-15 degrees. cool to warm morning. it will been mostly sunny to partly sunny. as that system gets close i don't think there will be any rain out of it. it will be cooler and breezy. fair and warm today. higher clouds on the increase later. cooler by the coast. we are still seeing a slight offshore component for some. also beginning to see a southerly breeze. 60s and 70s and low 80s today. some temperatures continue to be well above average. 78 berkeley.
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76 alameda. 82 gilroy. 79 fremont. 78 san francisco. very warm but tomorrow we really bring the temps down. we will carry that into sunday. time now is 6:39 and new this morning a construction crane you can see it there on your screen just standing by. it is in that san pablo neighborhood where they are still dealing with problems from that recent landslide that forced several people from their homes. the city is waiting for the state to try to help pay for needed repairs. the city says it can't afford to pay for the repairs. and they need the governor release energy funds. the hill slide is still sliding to a degree. five homes remain at risk. time now 6:40. the stormy weather we have had has set off a stormy debate in mountain view. still not clear who will pay
6:41 am
for a retaining wall to keep homes from falling into a creek. mismobile park and the owners there -- this mobile park and the owners there want the county and water district to pay for half. despite all the debate everyone agrees the mobile home park is not safe and a lot of people could be out of their homes for months. >> they say by june or july. they have to shore it all up. , dump in a retaining wall. put cement in. >> this battle between the mobile home park and water district involves a very big price tag. the retaining wall is expected to cost somewhere between $1-$2 million. fighters in libya lay out conditions for a cease fire.
6:42 am
highway 24 westbound looks pretty good. and if you are going to be going to that a's opener tonight, we have information that will help you get there.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. here is a quick look at the top stories. just in the last hour the labor
6:45 am
department had new jobs. last month 216 new jobs were created. that helped lower the national jobless rate to 8.8%. police in richmond are on high alert. they say they are worried this weekend could be a violent one. police are bracing for retaliation attacks after a week of suspected gang related shootings. it could be weeks before residents of capitola that have been effected by two days of flooding will find out what kind of help they may be getting. a lot of rain last week combined with a failed drainage pipe. the state is filing for disaster aid. time now 6:45. within the last hour, an opposition leader in libya said rebel forces would be willing to accept a u.n. mandated cease fire under certain conditions. the rebels would abide by a cease fire if libyan leader
6:46 am
gadhafi pulled his forces from all cities and allows a peaceful protest. opposition leaders spoke following a meeting with a u.n. opposition. tests indicate the levels of radiation in the ground water is 10,000 times the normal limit. there is concerns the radiation will spread to the water supply. more than 16,000 people remain unaccounted for three weeks after that disaster. it is the largest search operation ever in japan. time now 6:46. on a lighter note the giants open their new season last night. well this morning the final preparations are under way at the oakland coliseum for tonight's big a's game. kraig debro is joining us live. he's out there and he has a preview of opening night 2011.
6:47 am
hello. >> reporter: oh hey. there you go. sorry guys. wow. i was just checking out the stadium here. how many of us can say we're at the baseball stadium when the sun came up in the morning. it smells great out here. freshly cut grass and everything like that. take a look at the stadium. the a's said they wanted a new one. it looks great from here. as you mentioned, dave, tonight is opening night. last years world series winner some experts say the a's have the pitching to compete for another world series ring. they won the last world series back in 1989. abe stewart won 20 games and was the mvp of the 1989 world series. the team is hoping the pitching staff of today will help them relive the glory years of yesterday.
6:48 am
perfect game pitcher dallas braden return but new additions are expected to draw fans. in fact they are already drawing tv fans back home. >> 20 million people watched the tuesday exhibition game back in japan which is incredible when you think about it. so it's a great opportunity for us. we have gotten new sponsorship deals as a result of signing him. >> reporter: you rarely get 20 million games for a regular season game on a regular broadcast. getting 20 million fans to watch an exhibition game back in japan is simply outrageous. tonights game is at 7:05. japanese heritage day is on sunday. but they have a charity event planned around giving help to the victims of the earthquake tsunami. reporting live kraig debro. time now 6:48.
6:49 am
i know that shot has sal castaneda just dreaming of baseball. >> baseball is good. good in san francisco. it's good in oakland. i'm glad it's here. if you're trying to get to the stadium tonight for the a's home opener a lot of people will go. wouldn't you want to go if you're an a's fan? go ahead and take bart to the stadium. if you are driving in marin county we just found an accident here. joe johnson that helps me watch the cameras here point thed this out to me. southbound 101 as you come down there is a brand new crash. this is so new that chp is not on it yet. i'm looking at the computer assistant dispatch here. it hasn't even made it. it's a brand new crash here on southbound 101 as you get down to the tara linda area. chp will be on the way. maybe i should call them. let's take a look at westbound bay bridge. traffic is light here coming
6:50 am
into san francisco with no major problems. i do want to mention that traffic on the san mateo and the richmond bridge looks good. i want to move the map over to livermore. 580 is not in good shape. and we also have an accident eastbound at highway four in summers vail. chp just found out about this accident. they are on the way. thank you. happy friday everybody. and record setting temperatures on wednesday and thursday still warm today. but we start a little trend today as we go into a cooler weekend. still, we will have upper 70s and 80s. higher clouds on the increase. i would not be surprised if a little bit of sea breeze kicks in here. the weekend will be cooler. i can't maintain the 80s. they will be back in the 60s or 70s. warm early next week and maybe a colder pattern as we get toward the endsover endsover
6:51 am
-- the end of next week. some of those will drift across as there is a weak front coming in. it will fall apart. we have temperatures in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. it's very unusual here. fairfield 48. you had 62 balmy degrees in san francisco. that is the official reading. santa rosa 52. redwood city 53. concord at 54. a little northwest santa rosa. still a northeast at fairfield. calm for many locations. there is a fight going on between an offshore and turning more of westerly. it will take awhile. that system coming in will fall apart. forecast model shows it right here. through today we are all right. by tonight it inches closer. then you can see there is presip offshore. watch what happens sunday. i think the result will be cooler, breezy, with partly
6:52 am
sunny skies. so fair and warm today. high clouds. cooler by the coast but again upper 70s some low 80s on the temperatures today. 80 clear lake. 82 fairfield. 80 santa rosa. danville 82. oakland 79. hayward 79. 82 morgan hill to gilroy. now 60s and 70s closer to the coast and near the bay. cooler on saturday. partly sunny and mostly sunny on saturday. time now 6:52. a horrifying sky diving accident. what investigators say happened to two men in midair causing their deaths. two contestants on american idol are sent packing. you will get their reactions. we talk to both of them coming up.
6:53 am
good morning, there is a new crash in marin county. it's causing a big traffic jam all of a sudden. we'll have another report for you straight ahead.
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welcome back. quickly checking stocks now. the dow up 31 points now. jobless report just came out
6:56 am
8.8%. time now 6:55. federal investigation is under way in the investigation of two river side county sky divers. their parachutes became tangled. they deflated about 400 feet in the air. american idol is down to nine contestants that is after a double elimination. a local singer is going home. >> the person surviving that is safe tonight is hall. >> n,thia and -- we will hear from both them coming up at 7:15 on mornings on 2. now we hear from sal. what is happening on our
6:57 am
commute? >> we have a few problems. 101 san rafael. there is an accident in the middle lane. it looks like they are standing in the middle of the lanes talking about it. we are getting a little bit more of a backup year. if you are driving in livermore 580 westbound is pretty slow. 6:56 let's go back to steve. thank you, sal. still above average on the temps today. higher clouds coming in. 70s and a few very low 80s. we'll have your weekend forecast coming up. time now is 6:57. coming up on mornings on 2 it's no joke hundreds of people in the bay area woke up without power on the april fools day. the major new development 30 minutes ago. also starting the day shopping will be more expensive for a lot of people in the bay area. we'll tell you why.
6:58 am
6:59 am
power is back on in one san francisco neighborhood. what pg&e says led to the problem. overnight a garage


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